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TWC Launches Subscription Alert Service

The Weather Channel is launching a new subscription service that will notify
customers of bad weather ahead.

The 'Notify!' premium weather-alert service provides personalized weather
alerts via subscribers' home phones, wireless phones, pagers or electronic-mail
addresses for $5.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly.

Customers have the option to have the alerts delivered by voice, wireless
text, e-mail or a combination of all three methods.

In addition, they can choose the types of alerts to be delivered, ranging
from all weather bulletins to only the most severe. For an additional fee, they
can also request predictions as to how the weather will affect outdoor
activities, travel and health.

'The launch of a premium weather service is strong evidence of The Weather
Channel's continued growth and evolution,' (
president and CEO Debora Wilson said. 'By devoting resources to services like
Notify!, the company further solidifies our commitment to developing highly
personalized products targeted toward specific groups of weather enthusiasts,
while also growing our revenue and reinvesting in product development.'

Notify! subscribers also get an exclusive personalized Web site featuring
enhanced Doppler Radar maps, interactive weather-alert maps, safety tips, storm
video and weather-news stories.

The service won't be the last for TWC, which plans to roll out more
subscription services in 2003.