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Trump Slams FNC, Then Touts 'Fox & Friends' Viewership

President Trump's love/hate relationship with Fox News was on Twitter display overnight and into Tuesday morning (May 19). 

Following Neil Cavuto's on-air warning about people with underlying conditions potentially dying from the unproven drug the President was taking to try and prevent COVID-19, the President seemed to signal he was washing his hands of Fox News, re-tweeting/tweeting the following late Monday evening: 


Cavuto had said that people could die of the drug, hydroxychloroquine, that the President was using to self-medicate, with his doctor's knowledge, and was promoting. Trump said lots of doctors, front-line workers, and others were taking it as a preventative. The President said people "would not get sick or die" from using it as a prevantative. 

But then on Monday morning, some 12 hours later, the President was giving a shout out to one of his favorite FNC shows, Fox & Friends, tweeting: 


In past tweets critical of Fox News, the President has suggested that he might move his allegiance to conservative cable outlet, One America News Network.