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Trump to Meet With Univision's Falco

President-elect Donald Trump will meet with top Univision executives Monday, according to transition team spokesman Sean Spicer.

On the morning press call, Spicer went through the President-elect's meeting lineup for the day (Jan. 9), which he said would include Univision president Randy Falco and Isaac Lee, chief news, entertainment and digital operations.

He did not say what they would be talking about, but Univision and Trump butted heads during the campaign, with Univision dropping Trump’s Miss USA beauty pageant after he called some Mexican immigrants rapists, followed by Trump suing Univision, a suit that was eventually settled, with Trump saying: "I have known Univision's president and CEO, Randy Falco, for more than 20 years and I'm glad we are able to put these differences behind us."

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was also an outspoken about Trump’s stance on immigration and was ejected from a Trump press conference.

Trump will also meet with Fox News' Howard Kurtz Monday, Spicer said.