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Trump: Media, Dems, Career Pols, All Enemies

The President's latest ad essentially pits the Administration against all of Washington.

Donald Trump's campaign committee Sunday released a new ad that labels Democrats, the media, and "career politicians," which presumably means both Democrats and Republicans, as enemies.

The 30-second spot says Democrats are obstructing, journalists are attacking and career politicians are "standing in the way of success."

The spot's underlying message is that all those forces are martialed against a President simply trying to do his job, and succeeding despite the best efforts of those "enemies" to prevent him from doing so.

That came the same day the Republican National Committee sent out an e-mail with the subject line "USA 1 CNN 0."

"Liberal 'journalists' were incapable of winning a debate on the facts, so they resorted to personal attacks and a sensationalist shouting match," the RNC said in asking supporters to take a survey on the President's "common sense" immigration plan.

"White House Senior Policy Advisor, Stephen Miller, defended President Trump’s new immigration bill using facts and reason -- and the Fake News Media was furious," said the RNC, which has been in lockstep with the President in attacking the media for stories critical of the President's agenda.