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Trump Campaign Slams Univision

(Image credit: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

The Trump reelection campaign is branding Spanish-language network Univision a "leftist propaganda machine," saying it will "treat them accordingly," and is taking issue with the company's effort to become a 100% foreign-owned network as part of an internal financial restructuring.                          

The FCC under Trump appointee Chairman Ajit Pai, has lifted the limits on foreign ownership, instead taking a case-by-case look at foreign ownership in excess of 25%. Univision has been making the case for some time that it should be allowed to boost its foreign ownership. That has paralleled ongoing FCC efforts to loosen the restriction, arguing that broadcasters need all the capital investment help they can get in tough, now even tougher, times.

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In a release posted on its website Wednesday (July 8), the Trump campaign slammed Univision for "actively pushing Marxist propaganda" and joining the attacks on national monuments.  

It also cited "shady" lobbying efforts for "special privileges to become a 100% foreign-owned television network," linking to a copy of a letter from conservative Media Research Center President Brent Bozell III to the FCC slamming the network's effort to boost its foreign ownership and what he said was a "pattern of radical advocacy journalism."

There has been no love lost between Univision and the President, particularly after the latter's smears of Mexican immigrants as "rapists and drug dealers." Then Univision President Randy Falco made it clear early on that the network did not approve of the President's immigration policies. 

He has also signaled there was a "moral clarity" void in Washington

“Univision News has covered the electoral campaign and President Donald Trump with honesty and rigorous journalism," said a Univision spokesperson. "We have invited him repeatedly to talk with our viewers about his political platform and public policies. In June we featured an unedited pre-taped message President Trump sent to us for our special Destino 2020: Votar es Poder. However, the latest message from his campaign intends to confuse and disinform. 

"The president has an open invitation for an interview with our journalists. We will continue to meet our commitment and duty of informing the Hispanic community about his policies and his electoral campaign by embracing the truth and the facts.” 

The network and Trump have some history. 

Univision and Trump butted heads during the campaign, with Univision dropping Trump’s Miss USA beauty pageant after he called some Mexican immigrants rapists, followed by Trump suing Univision, a suit that was eventually settled, with Trump saying: "I have known Univision's President and CEO, Randy Falco, for more than 20 years and I'm glad we are able to put these differences behind us."

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was also outspoken about Trump’s stance on immigration and was ejected from a Trump press conference.