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Trump Brands News 'Fake' Over Coverage

Clearly unhappy with the media coverage of his Administration's handling of the coronavirus crisis, President Donald Trump tweeted a broadside at broadcast and cable news media in general late Sunday night. 

Lumped into the category of "fake news" that was destroying their business were CNN, MSNBC (which he calls MSDNC), ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox (at least "some of it"), The Washington Post and The New York Times


Last week, even as the President was attacking media outlets as "fake and corrupt" over their reporting of a Google coronavirus website test in California that had apparently been conflated to a national effort by the President, Radio Television News Association president Dan Shelley sent a "thank you" note to journalists for their coverage of the crisis.  

"You are combating mis- and disinformation with your constant efforts to seek and report the facts about an unprecedented situation," he wrote. "I also know that you are asking tough questions of our leaders to get the best version of the truth that is obtainable. Do not heed the words of anyone telling you anything different."