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TI Offers DOCSIS 2.0 Chip

Fresh off its certification award, Texas Instruments Inc. is now making its
Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 2.0 single-chip modem design
available in mass production for modem makers.

Dallas-based TI, which sells its chipware and design to other modem makers,
was among five vendors to win the first DOCSIS 2.0 certification awards for
modems during the last testing round at Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

It sells its design and silicon to the likes of Motorola Inc. and Toshiba
America Information Systems Inc., among others.

The single-chip "TNETC4401" includes advanced time-division multiple-access
(A-TDMA) and synchronous code-division multiple-access (S-CDMA) modes, as
required under DOCSIS 2.0.

Using either, cable operators can boost upstream bandwidth to 30 megabits per
second -- six times that of original DOCSIS 1.0 technology -- allowing for
introduction of enterprise-oriented symmetrical-speed services. It also cleans
up signal-interference problems in the upstream channel.

The TNETC4401 also includes the processor and peripherals for networking and
communications applications, and it sports a high-speed serial interface for
'glueless' addition of modules for voice and wireless local-area-network