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T-Mobile 'Charges' Into Pandemic Connectivity Effort

T-Mobile said that it has joined an iHeartMedia campaign to keep hospital patients connected during the pandemic. 

The company is donating almost 40,000 phone chargers to hospitals nationwide to make sure isolated patients can stay connected. 

One of the things that former FCC commissioner Robert McDowell said about his hospital stay during a scary bout with the virus was that he would advise others in the same position not to forget a phone charger. 

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Sadly, some goodbyes have had to be said over phones and tablets. 

T-Mobile said it has already supplied some 20,000 chargers to hospitals in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans and San Diego. 

“In these trying times, there’s never been a more critical time to stay connected with loved ones — especially if your loved one is in the hospital,” said Janice Kapner, EVP and chief communications officer for T-Mobile. “So we jumped at the chance to help with iHeartMedia’s efforts to ensure every hospital has a stash of phone chargers at the ready to keep people connected."