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Starbucks Debuts Wi-Fi Broadband Service

Starting this week, coffee hounds can get a shot of high-speed Internet along
with their cappuccinos at Starbucks Corp. outlets in Southern California.

In a joint venture with Deutsche Telekom AG subsidiary T-Mobile
International, the coffee chain is offering customers a Wi-Fi (wireless
local-area network) broadband wireless Internet link.

Dubbed 'T-Mobile HotSpot,' the service allows customers to check electronic
mail, surf the Web and watch streaming media via laptop computers or Pocket PCs
equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 Ethernet cards. Customers must sign up for T-Mobile
HotSpot service to access the network.

'Mobile professionals across the globe have been waiting for just such an
offering: high-speed wireless Internet access in a familiar and widely available
location that keeps them connected while on the road or between the home and
office,' said Howard Schultz, Starbucks chairman and chief global strategist, in
a release.

'It's the right service offered in the right environment,' he