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Speech Campaign Takes to Times Square

The Campaign for Free Speech is exercising that right with two Times Square billboards highlighting what it says are recent attacks on free speech. 

That comes in the wake of a study the campaign released that found that "51 percent of American millennials believe that the First Amendment should be rewritten, while 54 percent think that jail time would be the best response to 'hate speech.'”  

The Campaign says political polarization is one reason for the attacks on speech, but says free speech should not be a partisan issue. 

The billboards are located at 42nd Street and 7th Avenue. One reads “FREE SPEECH IS UNDER ATTACK,” the other a rotating billboard showing some results from the poll, including that a quarter of the respondents said members of the media should be jailed for publishing "inflammatory" or false content, and over a third who said that there should be a government agency reviewing podcasts. 

That study was of 1,004 adults polled Sept. 3-5.