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Senate Judiciary to Drill Down on Digital Issues

Mark your digital calendars. Next week will be an online-focused one for the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has scheduled three hearings in two days on a range of digital issues.

The Antitrust Subcommittee has set a March 10 hearing on "Competition in Digital Technology Markets: Examining Self-Preferencing by Digital Platforms." Witnesses are Gene Kimmelman, Public Knowledge; Sally Hubbard, Open Markets Institute; Professor Thomas Hazlett, Clemson University; Morgan Reed, ACT The App Association; and Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp.

That same afternoon, the Intellectual Property Subcommittee has scheduled a hearing on "Copyright Law in Foreign Jurisdictions: How are other countries handling digital piracy? The witnesses will be divided into two panels. The first is an "academic exercise" featuring professors Justin Hughes, Loyola Marymount Law School; Pamela Samuelson, University of California Berkeley School of Law; Michael D. Smith, Carnegie Mellon; and Daphne Keller, Stanford. Panel two comprises Stan McCoy, Motion Picture Association, Brussels; former European Parliament member Julia Reda; Jonathan Yunger, Millennium Films; and Matt Schruers, CCIA.

On March 11, the full committee will convent to consider legislation in a hearing entitled "The EARN IT Act: Holding the Tech Industry Accountable in the Fight Against Online Child Sexual Exploitation.