SCTE Takes Over Tech Publication From NCTA

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers is assuming responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and publication of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association's Recommended Practices for Measurements on Cable Television Systems.

The publication, a resource for field technicians first issued by the NCTA in 1984, documents commonly available test procedures for measuring system operating parameters.

The transfer of the publication's copyright "enables SCTE to more effectively implement its important role as the technical standards leader for the cable industry," SCTE said in a statement.

SCTE also will update the publication to cover current technology. The most recent edition of the NCTA Recommended Practices for Measurements on Cable Television Systems - the third edition, updated in 2002 - exists only in CD format and is available on the SCTE's Web site ($35 for SCTE members; $45 for non-members).

"In securing and revising the publication, SCTE is excited about this opportunity to build upon an enduring tradition begun by NCTA," said SCTE president and CEO Mark Dzuban. "Countless cable professionals have benefited throughout the years from these astute recommended practices for measurements, and SCTE will see to it that this tradition continues as the proud new steward of a technical resource that promotes a smarter, more efficient workforce."

Bill Check, NCTA senior vice president of science and technology, added: "NCTA Recommended Practices for Measurements on Cable Television Systems has been a valuable asset for our industry's technical personnel for many years. We are pleased to have SCTE take over the stewardship of this important document so that it will continue to serve cable's technical community for years to come."

The SCTE Engineering Committee, which oversees the American National Standards Institute-accredited SCTE Standards Program, has identified a small group of experts, who will work to revise the resource.