Sarnoff Offers Digital/HDTV Decoding Solution

Sarnoff Corp. said it can help TV makers to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s requirement that one-half of all sets 36 inches or larger sold after July 1 must include digital-TV capability.

The vendor said its new integrated audio- and video-system processor for digital TV, including HDTV, is ready for incorporation into a TV or set-top designs.

It will decode and display all standard Advanced Television Systems Committee digital-TV signals at any resolution the set can accommodate, up to and including HDTV, Sarnoff added.

The system also includes full Dolby Digital (AC-3) capabilities for receiving and playing 5.1-channel surround sound, the vendor said.

"This is the most comprehensive silicon IP [intellectual-property] solution currently available from a single supplier," Sarnoff Silicon Strategies business director Bill Mayweather said in a prepared statement. "It gives TV manufacturers multiple options for adding digital-TV capabilities to their sets.”