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Sanders Livestreams Official Backing of Biden

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) has officially endorsed Joe Biden as the Democratic Presidential nominee.

That came on a video stream with Biden, where Sanders called on all Democrats and independents, and Republicans for that matter, to come together and make sure Biden defeats "the most dangerous President in modern history."

Sanders had said last week that he would remain on the ballot and try to collect delegates to have some leverage over the party platform, seeming to signal he was continuing the fight, at least rhetorically.

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But as a guest on Biden's livestream Monday (April 13), Sanders signaled that delegate collection or not, Trump was such a threat to the country that "we have to make Trump a one-term President and we need you in the White House."

Sanders said he and Biden's staff had been working together to create task forces on key issues, the economy, education, climate change, incarceration, immigration, healthcare and more. He said the task force would not paper over their differences, but that the task forces would work on "real solutions."

Biden thanked Sanders for the endorsement, calling it a "big deal."