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S-A VOD Card Enters the Stream

Scientific-Atlanta Inc. said its new video-on-demand-transport card for its
"Prisma" digital-transport system will offer the lowest-cost way for cablers to
expand VOD rollouts.

The new Prisma Internet-protocol VOD card supports Gigabit Ethernet plus
standard ASI (asynchronous serial interface) and SDI (serial digital video)
formats, giving operators choices of how to shuttle video streams across the
network. It also cuts down the need to set up translation adapters at the edge
of the network, therefore saving in new equipment costs.

Recent research from In-Stat/MDR (a sister company to Multichannel
) indicated that as of today, about 40% of all U.S. cable-TV systems are
offering VOD, and almost 4 million subscribers regularly access these services.
That number will reach 14 million subscribers in 2007, according to the analysis

"The Prisma IP VOD cards can deliver the flexibility, cost-efficiency and
revenue potential to enable operators to capitalize on this opportunity," said
Paul Connolly, vice president and general manager of emerging businesses at S-A,
in a release.