S-A Unveils More Efficient Encoders

A pair of Moving Picture Expert Group-2 encoders from Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
will cut the cost to convert feeds from analog to digital and make local ads
available for digital-cable tiers, all while saving space in cramped headends,
according to the company.

Available in a compact single-rack-unit chassis, the new 'D9030' and 'D9020
Continuum DVP' MPEG-2 encoders can prepare feeds using MPEG-2, Digital Video
Broadcasting and Advanced Television Systems Committee audio standards, and they
can be configured using either panel controls or remotely via a Web-based
interface. Simple Network Management Protocol controls are also supported.

Cost reduction is the key goal for the two products.

S-A claimed that the encoders will reduce the cost to convert analog feeds to
digital by encoding at low bit rates, allowing more digital signals to inhabit
the same channel while maintaining the video quality.

The encoders can also create digital video in either constant-bit-rate or
variable-bit-rate schemes, the latter used in statistical-multiplexing systems
for increased bandwidth efficiency.

The model D9030 encoder also includes video-preprocessing and video-analysis

The D9020 is expected to start shipping in the fourth quarter of this year,
while the D9030 will start shipping in the first quarter of