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S-A Unveils DOCSIS 2.0-Capable Modem

Add Scientific-Atlanta Inc. to the list of modem makers that can support Data
Over Cable Service Interface Specification 2.0.

The Atlanta-based cable-gear provider announced that its new 'WebSTAR DPX
2100' is now capable of supporting the full DOCSIS 2.0 specification via a
software download.

The DPX 2100 recently received DOCSIS 1.0 certification, and it will likely
be ready for cable trials by the end of the year.

It uses the new Broadcom Corp. 'BCM2248' silicon, which can support the
advanced frequency-agile time-division multiple-access (A-TDMA ) and synchronous
code-division multiple-access (S-CDMA) modulation schemes required in the DOCSIS
2.0 specification.

Other cable modem vendors have incorporated A-TDMA into their modem schemes
but still lack the S-CDMA element.

With the DPX 2100, S-A joins Broadcom, Motorola Broadband Communications Sector and Terayon Communication Systems Inc. on the short
list of modem makers able to support the full DOCSIS 2.0 specification.

Created by Cable Television Laboratories Inc., DOCSIS 2.0 uses advanced
physical-layer technology to triple upstream capacity and provide better noise

Using DOCSIS 2.0, cablers will be able to offer more symmetrical service for
business applications and extend cable-modem-service plants with chronically
noisy upstream channels.

'Because we are also the providers of cable-network infrastructure, we
understand how cable modems, interactive services and the network function
together,' said Himanshu Parikh, vice president, cable-modem business unit at

'Cable operators can take advantage of that expertise and make plans to
deploy the WebSTAR DPX2100 cable modem now, and use a simple software upgrade to
offer their customers advanced DOCSIS 2.0 services in the future,' Parikh