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Pew: Half of Cellphone Users Surf Via Mobile Devices

Washington -- A new study shows why programmers are remaking
the online video delivery model into an anytime, anywhere experience.

Eighty-eight percent of Americans who own a cellphone say
they use that device to access the Internet, according to a new Pew Internet
and American Life Project survey. That's up from the 31% of respondents in 2009
who said they use their phones to go online.

In addition, 31% of cellphone surfers say they
"mostly" go online with their phones rather than a computer. That
percentage is much higher among 18-to-29-year-olds: 45% of those in the demo said
they do most of their online browsing by phone.

Among African-Americans, that percentage is even higher: 51%
do their Web browing by phone, compared to 24% of white cellphone users.  

Of those that do rely on cellphones, almost two-thirds
(64%) said it is for convenience, but 10% said it is because they lack other
online access.

The telephone survey
was conducted March 15 to April 3 among 2,254 adults 18 or older. Appropriately, that
included 903 interviews via cellphone.