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PacketCable, CableHome Products OKed

Call-management servers from Cisco Systems Inc. and Syndeo Corp. have gained
the first-ever PacketCable stamp of approval from Cable Television Laboratories

The two call-management servers were among nine devices that passed the
certification tests for the fledgling PacketCable specification, aimed at
creating Internet-protocol voice and multimedia devices that can ride cable's
Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification systems.

It is the first time call-management servers -- devices that shepherd
IP-voice traffic -- have received qualification under the PacketCable

Embedded multimedia-terminal adapters from Arris and Motorola Inc. won
PacketCable certification, and two cable-modem-termination systems from
Motorola, along with units from Arris, Cisco and Terayon Communication Systems
Inc., won qualified status.

Meanwhile, a trio of home-networking products from Ambit Microsystems Corp.,
Linksys Group Inc. and Thomson Consumer Electronics won certification under
CableLabs' CableHome specification.

CableHome is a new specification for home-networking devices that can be
managed by a secure residential gateway and connected to cable networks. After
just two testing waves, there are now five CableHome-certified