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NTIA Updates Broadband Program Availability Database

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration has updated its BroadbandUSA database website. 

The database has information on 57 different federal broadband programs, including various Universal Service Fund subsidies and Rural Utilities Service grants and loans, across 14 different agencies, with billions of dollars in resources. 

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The site was created as a goal of the Administration's American Broadband Initiative to make it easier to find federal funding and permitting information. 

Folks looking for funding can search by "agency, program purpose and eligible recipients."

The money is available to industry, state and local government, schools libraries, small businesses and others looking to expand broadband access, which virtually everyone is looking to do to bridge the digital divide in the time of COVID-19. 

"This latest round of federal broadband funding updates will help ensure that the public has easy access to the most up-to-date information possible to best facilitate broadband buildout and economic development," said NTIA, which is the President's chief telecom policy advisory arm, as well as overseeing government spectrum use.