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Newsmax Impeachment Cut-Away Generates Own News

Alan Dershowitz
Newsmax TV impeachment trial cut-away draws crowd (Image credit: N/A)

Newsweek and Yahoo! news, among others, took notice Wednesday (Feb. 10) of conservative news outlet Newsmax's coverage of the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, in particular its decision to cut away from live argument by Trump's lead lawyer.

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During what most observers characterized as a rambling opening statement by Trump lead attorney Bruce Castor, Newsmax cut to legal expert Alan Dershowitz to put Castor's opening into context (which Dershowitz delivered while Castor was shown, without sound, on a split screen or thumbnail), but the Harvard law professor was at a loss. "I have no idea what he's doing," Dershowitz said. 

Dershowitz said that after the strong presentation of the House impeachment managers, who are prosecuting the case against Trump for allegedly inciting the Capitol Insurrection--and the sobering video montage of the violence they had produced--as well as the emotional speech of House lead impeachment manager James Raskin (D-Md.)--a former student of Dershowitz--he did not understand Castor's opening, saying "buttering up" the senators did not seem to be effective advocacy and not the kind of argument he would have made.

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Yahoo! News reported the Dershowitz cut-away not long after it happened, saying Tuesday that it was adding him "to the list of people who have 'no idea' what former President Donald Trump's lawyer was doing during his impeachment trial opening argument."

The Newsweek Web site featured a story Wednesday morning in its "Culture" section recounting Dershowitz's commentary under the headline: "Newsmax Cuts Away From Trump's Impeachment Lawyer During Rambling Speech."