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On NECTA’s ‘Unique Blend’

NEWPORT, R.I. — Paul Cianelli, the CEO of the New England
Cable & Telecommunications Association, spoke to Multichannel
about the annual conferences in Newport, R.I. He said he attended
his first in 1975.

History: “It started with a smaller version in ’72. Since then we’ve
grown it. We’ve really tried to have it as a conference that includes
families. That was always our goal – have a little niche – but also be able
to bring in the top political leaders,
regulators from the region. They can
drive here. And if they want to come
for the day, they can do that. And it’s
an opportunity to bring the industry
together with the policy makers
in a unique blend which includes
families and children. I’ve seen a lot
of young children grow up during
this show.”

Peak: “The peak probably was
10 to 12 years ago. Then we’d have
1,200 to 1,400 people. We’d literally get every room in Newport and beyond.
One year people had to go to Fall River, it was so huge. Obviously,
with consolidation, the numbers have changed, in terms of vendors,
exhibitors, attendees. But we still have a critical mass, a strong group,
and people get a lot out of the various panels that we have.”

“I think there are approximately 600 [attendees], which is a
good number.”

Future: “The companies still see great value in it. As long as they do,
there’ll be another show. I fully expect there will be one in 2013.”