nCUBE Rolls Out Live Network-DVR Function

nCUBE is adding live network-based digital-video-recording capabilities to
its lineup of on-demand management and technical tools.

The video-server vendor’s live network-DVR applications will allow operators
to capture and stream live on-demand programming in real time while offering
viewers full video-recording functions. The content will be stored on nCUBE’s
servers rather than on digital customers’ hard drives.

The application will run on nCUBE’s "n4x" and "n4" on-demand video servers.
Most operators that have already deployed the servers can add the network-DVR
function via a software download, according to nCUBE.

"We're very excited to introduce this next generation of live on-demand
programming capabilities to cable operators exploring both networked-PVR
[personal video recorder] options, as well as hybrid approaches that incorporate
digital set-top boxes, and to bring them another competitive offering in the
battle for market share," said Terri Richardson, vice president of product
management and business development for nCUBE, in a release.