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NBC's Todd Keynotes Political Forum at Fordham University Today

Fordham University is hosting a political forum at its Lincoln Center campus today.
With a keynote by NBC's Chuck Todd and sessions featuring MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart and CBS political contributor Beth Knoble, the school will present "Money, Media and the Battle for Democracy's Soul" on April 24.
Todd will offer the keynote, "Media Coverage and Election 2012: Navigating the New Political Landscape." His address will explore the conference themes related to the evolving role and influence of media on voting decisions through analyses of the new media coverage of current elections.
For his part, Capehart, who is also an opinion writer for The Washington Post, will present: "Fit to Print? Covering Politics in an Era of Polarization and 24-Hour News Cycle.".

CBS's Knoble, who now also serves assistant professor of communications and media studies at Fordham, will offer her thoughts in a session entitled: "The Fourth Branch of Government, Yesterday and Today,"sharing her views on how the media affects politics in the broadcast era. She'll note how that has changed from an institution that "tells Americans what to think about" to one that "tells Americans how to think."
There will also be a session on "The New Media: Accountability, Transparency and Accuracy," discussing how news outlets are using new technologies to promote an informed, active and unduly influenced citizenry.
For more information and the full schedule, click here.