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Mixed Signals from Verizon on Buildout

Washington -- Verizon Communications Inc. seems to be sending mixed signals on local regulation of its video network.

On Friday, senior vice president Kathryn Brown told a group of local regulators that the company will be “bound by the same federal provision against discrimination that applies to cable today."

Brown added, "We support maintaining the current federal anti-discrimination provisions. We are not redlining and we do not discriminate."

Brown's comments came in prepared remarks to the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisers here.

On Wednesday, Brown's boss, executive VP Tom Tauke, told a different audience that the company was concerned that House lawmakers might impose video-buildout requirements in new telecommunications legislation. Buildout requirements are typically meant to enforce anti-redlining rules.

Asked for a clarification, Verizon spokesman Brian Blevins repeated Brown's point, saying, “We will not be redlining any customer.”