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Media Institute Creates Digital Forum

(Image credit: TMI)

The Media Institute has created a new program to focus on digital issues, the Digital Media Center (DMC).

The institute will continue to deal with issues affecting all media and telecom companies while the center will drill down on digital issues and seek funding from tech companies and others.

DMC activities will be overseen by institute senior fellow Stuart Brotman, author of "Privacy’s Perfect Storm: Digital Policy for Post-Pandemic Times."

“The Digital Media Center is an outgrowth of today’s rapidly changing media landscape, where digital technology and policy occupy ever-increasing amounts of ground,” said Institute president Richard Kaplar. 

The goal will be to bring stakeholders together to talk about how to resolve thorny digital issues--cybersecurity, privacy, online advertising and content moderation and more, with an eye toward finding consensus and an emphasis on democratic values of "capitalism and free markets, freedom of expression, and the rule of law." 

The DMC will officially launch Aug. 27 at the institute's monthly luncheon, where Brotman will be the speaker.