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Massachusetts Town Latest to Sign Off on FiOS

The Board of Selectmen in Millbury, Mass. Tuesday approved a cable franchise for Verizon, clearing the way for residents of this former mill town to receive the fiber-optic FiOS TV service.

With Millbury now on board, a total of 79 Massachusetts communities have approved Verizon applications for cable franchises as the telco continues to aggressively target the markets and customers of incumbent satellite and cable providers across the country.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring FiOS TV to residents in Millbury,” Donna Cupelo, Verizon region president for Massachusetts and Rhode Island, said in a statement. “Since the launch of FiOS TV in Massachusetts last year, we are continuing our efforts to meet the consumer demand for cable TV choice.”

The Millbury franchise agreement contains provisions for the network’s future growth; financial support and capacity for educational and government access channels; cable service to government buildings; and other benefits to the town, Verizon officials said.