Linksys Links to Cox for Home Networking

Cox Communications Inc. has made a link to home-networking provider Linksys
Group Inc. for wired and wireless routers.

The MSO will use Irving, Calif.-based Linksys' wired and wireless
home-networking products in its ongoing "Home Networking from Cox" service that
rolled out in November.

Cox's service offers to install and configure a broadband router, a
networking card for a second computer, cabling and ongoing tech support.

With a one-year commitment, cost starts at $199.95 for the Linksys equipment
and installation, plus $9.95 monthly for ongoing network support. Cost will vary
somewhat by market and because of promotions, according to Cox.

This marks the second cable deal Linksys has snagged. It also has a marketing
deal with the former AT&T Broadband, as well as equipment deals with
digital-subscriber-line providers Verizon Communications and Bell