Lifetime Applauds Senate for Rape DNA Bill

Lifetime Television joined The National Center for Victims of Crime and The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network in recognizing the Senate Judiciary Committee’s approval Tuesday of S. 1700, “The Advancing Justice Through DNA Technology Act.”

The network and the two groups released the following statement Wednesday: “Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed one of the most important rape-prevention bills in history. Enactment of this bill will help law enforcement to solve as many as 67,000 open rape and murder cases. By locking up thousands of dangerous criminals, we can prevent many thousands of rapes, murders and other crimes.”

The statement continued, “We commend [Senate Judiciary Committee] chairman [Orrin] Hatch [R-Utah] for his leadership and urge the Senate to make sure this issue does not get lost in an election year or mired in debates about extraneous issues. On this issue, every day that we postpone eliminating the DNA-evidence backlog means more rapes and more murders that could have been prevented.”