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Latta Re-Ups SMART IoT Act

Rep. Bob Latta (R-Ohio) has reintroduced the SMART (State of Modern Application, Research, and Trends of) IoT Act. 

The bill would require the Commerce Department to study the state of the IoT industry. 

It passed the House last fall but not the Senate. 

Rep. Bob Latta

Rep. Bob Latta

The study would have to include a "comprehensive list" of federal agencies of jurisdiction, identify the IoT industry players those agencies interact with and more. Commerce would have two years to report back to the House Energy & Commerce and Senate Commerce Committee on the results of the study. 

"IoT technologies have the promise to change lives for the better, and as these new inventions develop, it’s important that government is a partner with -- not a hindrance to -- America’s innovators," said Latta, who is the ranking member on the House Communications Subcommittee. "With a projected economic impact in the trillions of dollars, we need to look at the policies, opportunities, and challenges that IoT presents. The SMART IoT Act will make it easier to understand what the government is doing on IoT policy, what it can do better, and how federal policies can impact the research and discovery of cutting-edge technologies.” 

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The bill stems from a bipartisan IoT working group helmed by Latta and Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.).