Kentucky Public Service Commission: Not Ready For Football

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has put out an unusual plea to the state's football fans: don't call us.

According to a statement from the state agency, which regulates utility companies, it has received many e-mails from football fans, angry over the skirmish between cable operators and the NFL Network over the latter's carriage, or lack thereof.

The communiques ask that the agency compel cable operators to add the channel. The NFL Network has encouraged fans to contact state agencies and legislatures to bring public pressure to bear on operators to add the channel.

But the agency notes it while it can regulate 1,500 gas, water sewer, electric and telecommunications utilities, it has no authority under federal or other laws over cable television content or rates.

“While the PSC always wants to assist consumers, this is on instance in which all we can do is drop back and punt,” Mark David Goss, PSC chairman Mark David Goss quipped in a statement. 

He advised irate Kentucky football fans to contact the Federal Communications Commission instead of state authorities.