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INCOMPAS CEO Cites Cable Set-Top Proposal 'Shortcomings'

The Consumer Video Choice Coalition -- comprising Google, INCOMPAS and others -- has some bones to pick with cable operators' "ditch the box" alternative to the FCC's "unlock the box" set-top proposal.

Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS, said in a blog post that the cable proposal represents progress, but it still has a ways to go.

Read the "ditch the box" compromise proposal.

"The cable industry’s recent proposal makes some forward progress," he wrote, adding he also saw some "key" shortcomings, including:

• "It blocks future innovation. People don't want to go from a closed box to a closed app.

•  "It takes a step backward on functionality: Cable's proposal is only for streaming boxes, not DVRs ... meaning consumers would still need multiple devices.

•  "It lacks enforceability. Having been fooled before by cable promises, the FCC must take action to ensure competition, comply with the law."

FCC staffers have a bunch of questions for cable operators about the "ditch the box" proposal as well.