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Groundhog Day: Divided House Spars Over Gun Control

It was a different kind of political theater on C-SPAN Thursday (July 7) as Democrats continued to try and get a vote on expanded background check legislation .

House Democrats were taking a new tack on their gun legislation protest, this time endlessly peppering the Speaker of the House with the same unanimous consent request to bring up HR 1217, the "bipartisan expanded background checks" legislation, which were as quickly denied.

The House remained in session, so C-SPAN got to cover it with cameras rather than the social network feeds it tapped into during the last sit-in protest, when House cameras were turned off after the House was adjourned.

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Each side was accusing the other of being obstructionists, the Democrats by continuing to make the request--each accompanied by the picture of a gun victim "who never received a moment of silence on the House floor"--the Republicans by refusing to bring up the bill for a vote.

The response from the speaker was always the same: "As previously announced, the unanimous consent request cannot be entertained."

At press time, the parade of UC requests had been going on for almost an hour, with no other business having been conducted except for the repetitive requests and denials, interspersed with requests to the speaker who initially controlled the time Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.), to accede to the request.

Byrne, who occasionally responded, did not directly respond, instead attempting to resume consideration of other legislation.

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