Google Fiber Offers Free 1-Gig to Public Housing

Following a partnership forged last year with ConnectHome, Google Fiber announced plans today to offer free gigabit broadband service to all public housing properties that are connected to it network.

“Families in these properties will be able to access some of the fastest speeds, at no cost to the housing authority or to residents,” Google Fiber VP Dennis Kish said in this blog post about the program. 

Google Fiber and the Housing Authority of Kansas City introduced the program today at West Bluff, the first property that will receive free gigabit service via the program. Google Fiber is now moving ahead to connect up to nine properties serving more than 1,300 families in the area via the program.

Kish said Google Fiber wired all 100 homes there and have opened up sign ups, adding that they’ll also be able to buy discounted devices and learn new computer skills through ConnectHome partners, including Connecting for Good and Surplus Exchange.

“Looking forward, we plan to bring gigabit Internet to select affordable housing in all of our Fiber cities,” Kish said.

Google Fiber sells its standalone 1-Gig service for $70 per month, and offers a free “basic” Internet service (5 Mbps down by 1 Mbps) up to customers in “Fiberhoods” who pay a one-time $300 construction fee (or $25 per month for 12 months).

Google Fiber also offers service to parts of Provo, Utah; and Austin, Texas, and has buildouts underway in Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte. It’salso exploring deployments in Chicago; Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; San Jose, Irvine and San Diego, Calif.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Oklahoma City; Louisville, Ky.; and Jacksonville and Tampa, Fla.