Go2Broadband Goes Beyond Cable Modems

Go2Broadband is now a go-to source for more than just cable-modem service.

The Go2Broadband database, which lets prospective customers know if cable-modem service is available in their area, has been expanded to include any other services MSOs provide, including digital cable, video-on-demand and cable telephony.

That expansion is, in part, the result of the site's success in a little more than a year, according to J.P. Singh, director of e-commerce for Go2Broadband.

Available at kiosks in retail stores and via online retailers and content providers, Go2Broadband draws information from eight of the top 10 U.S. MSOs and attracted more than 550,000 users in May alone.

Cable Television Laboratories Inc. is the driving force behind the Web-based service, which also allows customers to arrange for installation online. Go2Broadband's retail and content affiliates include Circuit City Stores Inc., Com21 Inc., ESPN, Bravo Networks, Comedy Central, MTV Networks, Zoom Telephonics, AOL Broadband and Motorola Inc.

"Go2Broadband has been an unprecedented success," Singh said. "It was, I believe, the next logical step for operators to say 'Wow, why don't we add other services to this and use the same platform?' "

But even though the service has been expanded, it still depends on the MSOs to provide the updated information.

"To that point the Go2Broadband site has been re-architected to support any service that a cable operator wants to deploy," Singh said. "Once the cable operator is capable of responding to any query that comes for digital services or video on demand, we are ready to go."

Meanwhile, CableLabs is planning a summit meeting July 9 for existing and new Go2Broadband retail affiliates. The meeting will cover retail and marketing strategies for the service.