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Free Press Assesses Candidates' Media, Tech Positions

Free Press Action Fund has released an online guide to, and assessment of, the tech and media policies of the presidential candidates and Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the standouts. 

The guide looks at the candidate's positions on six main areas, net neutrality, affordability, media ownership and mergers, surveillance and privacy, reliable networks, and journalism, and weighs them against Free Press' policy platforms in those areas. 

The candidates are confined to those polling at least 3% in recent national polls. 

"Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren stand out for their detailed and innovative proposals to expand broadband access, make internet access affordable and confront corporate power," says Free Press Action co-CEO Craig Aaron. "Sanders has also offered the most detailed ideas about addressing the crisis in journalism. Senator Amy Klobuchar, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, also receives high marks in most categories."