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Fix the Court: Second Circuit Grants Live Audio of Trump Financial Records Case

A federal court has granted a C-SPAN request for live audio of the court's Oct. 23 hearing on the effort to force President Donald to release his financial records (Trump V. Vance), according to Fix the Court. 

The request to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals came in a tag team effort among C-SPAN, FTC, and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP), said FTC's Gabe Roth, all of which support opening up the federal courts to audio and video coverage. 

"The clerk of the court responded to the letter by saying that I should work with C-SPAN on a live audio request since C-SPAN successfully requested live audio for an earlier Trump case back in August," said Roth. "So, I reached out to C-SPAN, asked them to make a live audio request, which they did, and I heard today from them that the request was granted." 

The August case was a previous Second Circuit hearing on Trump's financial records. 

Fix the court also said it will be pushing for live audio of November death penalty arguments in the eleventh Circuit, as well as of the Dec. 12 arguments on the emoluments clause and Trump in the Fourth. That is the constitutional clause that is supposed to prevent federal officeholders from taking gifts, payments or other things of value from foreign governments or their leaders without the express consent of Congress.