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FedNet Goes Live (Streaming) With Impeachment Hearings

(Image credit: Future)

FedNet, which provides multimedia coverage of Congress, has tapped TVU Grid from TVU Networks, to provide live IP-based live video to the Web of impeachment hearings and possible Senate trial of President Donald Trump.

It will be FedNet's first foray into live video streaming, according to TVU.

TVU Grid provides video switching, routing and distribution of live video streams.

FedNet will provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of the House Judiciary hearings, which started today, Dec. 4, as well as live interviews with members of Congress, which it supplies to schools and media clients, then a Senate trial if the House votes to impeach.

FedNet's clients have included CQ Roll Call, The Los Angeles Times, Tribune Publishing, McClatchy Newspapers, The Washington Post, National Academies of Science, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

“We needed an infinitely scalable set up,” said FedNet president Keith Carney of the decision to go with TVU. “With TVU Grid, we can scale to any number of locations to our network without increasing bandwidth requirements at each site. And we can route live video streams using TVU Grid anywhere in the world with sub-second latency. It’s an extremely fluid system, which is perfect for us. And we’re very confident in the robustness of the platform with the number of national media companies currently on TVU Grid.”