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FCC's Broadband Advisory Committee Names New Members

FCC chair Ajit Pai has named the new members of its re-chartered Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC), which will hold its first meeting June 13.

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The committee's charter is to come up with recommendations for accelerating high-speed broadband deployment, arguably the FCC's prime directive coupled with the race to 5G.

It has been directed to focus on three areas, tackled by three working groups--disaster response and recovery, boosting broadband investment in low-income communities, and infrastructure deployment job skills and training.

Cable broadband members of the committee are David Don, VP, regulatory policy, for Comcast; Curt Stamp, VP, public affairs, for Cox; and Tim Walden, SVP, local network implementation, at CenturyLink.

Other familiar names include Professor Professor Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania; Jonathan Adelstein, president of the Wireless Infrastructure Association and former FCC commissioner; and Claude Aiken, president of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association.