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FCC Rethinking National Security Review Framework

jessica rosenworcel
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The FCC is contemplating a new framework for national security reviews of communications companies and tech.

FCC acting chair Jessica Rosenworcel said during the commission's February public meeting (Feb. 17), her first as acting chair, that it was time to "revitalize its approach to network security."

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Part of that, she said, was to coordinate not only externally with allies and multilateral institutions, but internally. 

She said her office was already exploring "changes to the FCC process for reviewing matters related to national security" rather than the silos within the agency's bureaus and offices.

"If we are going to keep pace with the growing threats to our communications, we need a dedicated interagency and cross-bureau team of experts advancing a comprehensive approach to securing our nation’s communications," she said. "That work is already underway, and I look forward to the improved decision-making that will result."

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At her first press conference as acting chair, Rosenworcel said the idea had been floating around the agency for some time. "We have a lot of issues that involve communications and national security, but we are structured in a way that some of that expertise is siloed in distinct offices and bureaus." She said she hoped to develop inter-bureau and inter-office teams that can review the issues more comprehensively "in the near future.