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FCC Posts Agenda for August 6 Open Meeting

True to FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's vow, the agency has posted its "tentative agenda" for its next open meeting on August 6, including spectrum auction rulemaking.


"Incentive Auction Procedures" and "Mobile Spectrum Holdings"  – the two topics deleted from this week's schedule -- are on the August calendar. In addition, the Commission plans to examine the related topics of "Unlicensed Operations in TV Bands and 600-MHz Band"  and "Wireless Microphones." 

The former looks at a report and order to adopt technical and operational rules for unlicensed services, including wireless microphone operations, in the broadcast television bands and in the post-incentive auction 600-MHz band. The rules are intended to maximize unlicensed access to spectrum while ensuring that licensed services are protected from harmful interference.  

For the "Wireless Microphone" issue, the Commission will consider a Report and Order that adopts a plan to accommodate the long-term needs of wireless microphone users by providing new opportunities for their use in the broadcast television bands and in several other frequency bands.

The agenda also includes "Emerging Wireline Networks and Services"  and "Ensuring Continuity of 911 Communications," both of which deal with the Internet Protocol  transition.