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FCC Opens C-Band Satellite Transition Plan Docket

The FCC is gearing up to get input on how satellite operators plan their move into the upper 200 MHz of the C-Band to make room for 5G wireless services and what they said it will cost. 

Those plans are due June 19 and the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has established a new docket for comments and the process for weighing in on space station operator transition plans. 

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The FCC is holding an auction in December for 280 MHz of the lower spectrum for 5G--the license are flexible use, but the use will almost certainly be 5G. 

But that meant the satellite operators and their broadcast and cable clients have to move to the upper 200 Mhz. 

The plan includes estimated costs for the transitioning of all services out of the lower 300 MHz (280 MHz plus a 20 MHz guard band). 

Cable operators had wanted the FCC to move the June 19 deadline so they could use the plans, and estimated transition costs, to inform their comments on a lump sum payment option. But the FCC retained that June 16 deadline saying there would be a further opportunity for comment.  

Indeed there is. The FCC is giving stakeholders until July 13 to comment on the satellite transition plans.