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FCC Opening $100 Million Telehealth Pilot Program

FCC Building
(Image credit: FCC)

The FCC said it will open up its Connected Care Pilot Program at noon on Nov. 6.

The program will provide up to $100 million from the FCC's Universal Service Fund to healthcare providers to defray the cost of remote healthcare.

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The three-year program covers "(1) patient broadband Internet access services; (2) health care provider broadband data connections; (3) other connected care information services; and (4) certain network equipment." That equipment does not include end-user devices, however.

“In the past year, connectivity has become an increasingly critical component of delivering health care services in our country,” said FCC chairman Ajit Pai. “Spearheaded by commissioner [Brendan] Carr, our Connected Care Pilot Program explores how universal service support can provide next-level health care to our nation’s most vulnerable populations, including low-income Americans and veterans."