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FCC OKs $16 Million More in Telehealth Funding

The FCC has approved its seventh set of telehealth applications bringing the total to more than $50 million of the $200 million Congress allocated for the program. 

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The FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau said it had approved an additional 43 applications totaling $16.87 million for the COVID-19-targeted program. The money goes to healthcare providers for telehealth services and equipment--network upgrades, laptops. 

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Currently, the FCC has authorized funds for 132 providers in 33 states. 

FCC chair Ajit Pai had signaled earlier in the week that the latest tranche of applications for money authorized by the CARES Act was about to be approved.  

So far, only one healthcare provider has filed to collect its money, suggesting they were fronting the cost first given the importance of speed in combating the virus, then applying to the FCC afterwards for reimbursement.