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FCC Grants Extension to China Unicom Americas

The FCC has given China Unicom Americas extra time to explain why the FCC should not kick it out of U.S. networks. 

The FCC's International Bureau, Wireline Competition Bureau, and Enforcement Bureau had given them 30 days from April 24 to tell them why the FCC "should not initiate a proceeding to revoke China Unicom Americas’ domestic and international section 214 authorizations" that allow it to operate in the U.S.

That was to include info on "certain ownership questions." 

China Unicom Americas asked for an additional 30 days--to May 23--but the FCC decided to give it until June 1. 

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The FCC did not explain either why it granted the extension or why it did not give them all the time they asked for. 

But when the FCC first sought China Unicom America's response, it said: "The Show Cause Orders reflect our deep concern—one shared by the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, and State and the U.S. Trade Representative—about [this company's] vulnerability to the exploitation, influence, and control of the Chinese Communist Party, given that they are subsidiaries of Chinese state-owned entities. We simply cannot take a risk and hope for the best when it comes to the security of our networks.”