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FCC, FTC Chairs On Agenda For Senate Online Privacy Hearing

It looks like it will be an all-star lineup for Tuesday's online privacy hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee.
According to a source familiar with the committee's picks, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Federa Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz have both been invited and are expected to attend.

Look for network neutrality to come up at the hearing. If recent hearings are any gauge, Title II reclassification will probably make a guest appearance as well.

Also slated to appear are representatives of Google, Apple, Facebook, AT&T, the CATO Institute, and University of Pennsylvania Professor Joe Turow.

Online privacy and child protection issues are heating up on Capitol Hill, with two bills currently in the House and Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockfeller (D-W. Va.) calling the issue a "game-changer."