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FCC: Don't Fall for Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Surveys

The FCC is reminding folks not to fall for online or other scams related to COVID-19, tweeting that scammers are trying a new trick and citing a Federal Trade Commission warning.

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The FTC is warning consumers not to respond to e-mails (pictured above) purporting to be surveys about the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines.

The FTC said it has been contacted by people getting e-mails (and texts) asking them to complete a time-limited survey about the vaccines--it suggests a Johnson & Johnson vaccine scam variant can't be far behind--in exchange for a "free" reward, for which they are asked to pay shipping fees.

An FTC alert reminds consumers that no legitimate survey asks for credit card or bank info to provide a reward.

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The FTC said don't click on any links or attachments or call a number in the e-mail or text. And DON'T give out credit card, account of personal info.

The FCC adds in its tweet that it has its own #COVID19 Consumer Warnings and Safety Tips web page that includes audio of scam calls and messages and sample hoax text.