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Eshoo To NTIA: Find A Way To Protect GPS, Allow LightSquared To Offer National Wireless Broadband

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) has asked the National Telecommunications & Information Administration to find a way to protect GPS and allow LightSquared to offer its national terrestrial-based wireless broadband service and the "exciting job opportunities" it represents.

That came in a letter to NTIA administrator Lawrence Strickling, a copy of which was obtained by Multichannel News.

In the letter, she says it is well worth the effort to resolve the interference issues with GPS, which have so far stalled the service's rollout. She said she is convinced that "a solution can be obtained by both parties that will mitigate any harmful interference."

Eshoo urged NTIA to continue their "fact-based" and "engineering-driven" process, an oblique reference to the politics swirling around the issue.

She also invoked the president's goal of bringing high-speed wireless to 98% of the country. The FCC has talked of the price and service competition in 4G wireless LightSquared's wholesale network would bring.

LightSquared Wednesday said it had found a solution to the GPS interference issue, but the GPS industry was not convinced.