Dish, ComCorp Engaged in Retrans Dispute

After settling one retransmission-consent dispute, Dish Network is in another flap with a broadcaster over the issue of cash-for-carriage.

Stations owned by Communications Corp. of America are warning their viewers that Dish Network may stop carrying their signals. It’s unclear exactly how many stations are involved, but WGMB-TV in Baton Rouge, La., KADN-TV in Lafayette, La., KMSS-TV in Shreveport, La., KPEJ-TV in Odessa, Texas, KVEO-TV in Brownsville, Texas, KETK-TV in Jacksonsville-Tyler, Texas, and KTSM-TV in El Paso, Texas, have all posted warnings on their Web sites that Dish may drop them.

For example, WGMB said, “Dish Network has refused to consider our offer, which is similar in terms granted to other local stations. Keep in mind you currently pay Dish Network nearly $6 per month for local stations. We offered WGMB to Dish Network for close to a penny a day. If Dish Network fails to reach an agreement with our station, you could lose access to the station’s programming as part of the package you are paying Dish Network to provide.”

The site goes on to say, “Our station is requesting less than two cents per day from the $6 you already pay Dish Network. If they drop WGMB, you should request a refund from Dish Network, or consider cancelling Dish and subscribe to an alternative provider.”

The satellite provider just resolved a retransmission-consent dispute with another TV-station owner, Young Broadcasting. Dish Network dropped 10 Young stations last Thursday, but restored them on Sunday after both sides came to terms on a new retransmission-consent contract.

Dish Network officials couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday. And ComCorp CEO Steve Pruett and the company’s retransmission-consent consultant, Duane Lammers, couldn’t be reached for comment.