Dems Line Up Behind USF Reforms

REP. HENRY WAXMAN of California, ranking member of the House Energy
& Commerce Committee: “Accomplishing this was not easy — each
of the commissioners was forced to make tough choices and face
criticism and potential challenges from stakeholders who would have
preferred a different approach. But the FCC understands that in order to
save this important program, it needs to be fundamentally reformed and
directed towards the future.”

SEN. JAY ROCKEFELLER of West Virginia, chairman of the Senate
Commerce Committee: “I recognize that reform means that some
stakeholders will be unhappy because they prefer the status quo,
but our nation’s communications infrastructure is too important to
delay reform any longer. Our economy cannot afford missing out
on the opportunities broadband enables.”

REP. ANNA ESHOO of California, ranking member of the House Communications
Subcommittee: “Today’s vote by the FCC will have a meaningful
impact on consumers across the nation. … Ensuring affordable, robust
broadband service to the 18 million Americans without access today is one
of the most important infrastructure investments of our time.”

REP. DORIS MATSUI of California, House Communications Subcommittee
member: “I applaud the FCC’s efforts to ensure that all Americans have access
to broadband services. While meaningful reforms are never easy, the
FCC’s order opens the door for greater efficiency and transparency in the
Universal Service Fund, and will help ensure it will properly serve all Americans
as we move further into a Digital Age.”